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Where can I find the expiration date and shelf-life of the products?

The expiration date for our products can be found on the outer box as well as the label. All products have an 18 month (1.5 year) shelf-life from the date of manufacture. The open container symbol tells you the recommended number of months by which the product should be used after you first open it, provided the product has been stored under normal conditions and not exposed to extreme temperatures. This is called the “Period After Opening” number, and will vary based on ingredient differences across HerbavanaTM products. For example, 12M means that you should replace this product within 12 months of opening.

Are HerbavanaTM containers recyclable?

Yes. All HerbavanaTM product containers are 100% recyclable. We encourage you to partake in having good recycling habits, which will be beneficial in preserving both our natural resources and earth.

Are your products tested on animals?

Absolutely not. We never have and never will conduct any product testing on animals.

Will my product be fresh once I order?

Yes. To ensure the highest efficacy of our products, it is necessary to use a fresh product. The entire HerbavanaTM line of products are constantly being manufactured once we are out of stock so that a new, fresh supply is provided.

Is it necessary to keep the product refrigerated to maintain active ingredient stability?

No. HerbavanaTM products do not require refrigeration. Please store at room temperature in order to retain the efficacy and optimal performance of the product.

Will the product degrade while in transit?

No. We have undergone careful and extensive testing during the development stage of our products to ensure stability while your order is shipped to you. Also, the powerful synergistic relationship between each ingredient in the formulation make our products less susceptible to degradation due to oxidizing elements such as heat, light, air, and time. All HerbavanaTM products are shipped (upon order) from our temperature controlled storage facility to avoid any possible effects of degradation.

How long does it take to notice results?

HerbavanaTM products are clinically tested and have shown significant improvements in the tone, texture, elasticity, brightness, hydration, and overall skin health after a few days of use. You will notice a desirably different feel to your skin after your very first use with many of our products. With the continued use of our products, overall skin health will improve. Fine lines and blemishes will begin to dissipate. Skin discoloration and pigmentation will also be reduced. In many cases, faster and more optimal results are achieved if certain products are used in combination with one another. Individual skin results will vary.

Will your treatments benefit my existing skin condition?

If you have a certain dermatological condition, we recommend consulting with your doctor regarding the best treatment option for you.

We are proud to state however, that many of our customers with certain skin conditions have benefited greatly from using our products as they search for more natural alternatives to therapy.

What skin types are your products designed for?

Our product line is designed for use on a variety of skin types and colors. Many of our satisfied customers previously complained of ailments such as premature aging, dry, oily, stressed, and dull skin. Over time, you can expect your skin to transition to a blemish-free, healthier, more smooth state.

Even in the absence of any skin problems, our products were formulated to benefit those with normal skin who are looking to enjoy high quality, natural dermatologics.

I’ve heard many topicals on the market contain harmful parabens and phthalates. Do your products contain these?

No. Our products do not contain paraben and phthalates. Also, we avoid the use of artificial dyes, petrolatum, sulfates, fragrances, silicones, or any other ingredient(s) our experts wouldn't feel comfortable using themselves.

Are treatments safe to use during pregnancy, or during lactation?

We recommend you consult with your physician on the best possible skin treatment for you during pregnancy or when nursing.

Is it recommended to apply HerbavanaTM products daily to counteract damaging UVA / UVB rays?

Yes. It is extremely important and highly recommended to pay extra attention to your skin if you are exposed to these harmful rays. Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays are abundantly present even on days which are overcast. In the form of natural light, UV rays are capable of penetrating clouds and reaching the skin.

Daily use of our Defense-Activating HydraCream provides extensive benefits in this regard, as the ingredients work to repair and nourish the skin from the well documented free-radical damage caused by the sun. Additionally, our Vitamin C NutraSerum contains an abundance of antioxidants, and works great to counteract free radical damage.

What Countries does HerbavanaTM ship to?

HerbavanaTM is shipped worldwide. To best accommodate you, we have warehouses located throughout the world to ensure you will receive your package with the most efficient shipping method possible.

HerbavanaTM complies with local standards and regulations; our products are shipped tax free, however from country to country duties, taxes, and surcharges may vary. For those customers who wish to identify whether any such charges apply to their country, we recommend contacting your local customs office for the latest information before you place your order. We cannot be held liable for any additional duties, taxes or surcharges that you may need to pay upon delivery to your country. At this time, customers throughout the United States and United Kingdom will not have to check their customs regulations.

What is the shipping cost for HerbavanaTM

Shipping is a flat $10.00 fee all across the USA.

All U.S. orders $100.00 or over (after any discounts have been applied) ship FREE. Any U.S. orders of less than $100.00 (excluding taxes) will incur a standard shipping charge of just $10.00.

Shipping is a flat $35.00 fee for all international orders (all countries excluding the USA). 

All international orders $250.00 or over (after any discounts have been applied) ship FREE. Any international orders of less than $250.00 (excluding taxes) will incur a standard shipping charge of just $35.00.

When will I receive my HerbavanaTM?

The processing time for every order, from the time the order is placed is 24-48 hours (this excludes Saturday and Sundays). Outlined below is the typical time it takes to receive your order:

USA delivery time is 5-7 days, and shipping and handling times for international orders vary by location. A delay in package delivery due to customs processing may occur depending on your location. As a result, please allow 10-­25 days for your package to be delivered. 

Delivery time frames only consider business/working days and are estimations based on the postal carrier.

What is the refund policy?

Please read refund policy.